San Antonio Motorized Patio Shade Options

Most homes in San Antonio have an outdoor patio or beautiful space to enjoy the outdoors. A nice way to upgrade your outdoor patio or deck space is by installing a San Antonio motorized patio shade. These screens can help make your outdoor space more livable, private, functional, and beautiful. Exterior motorized shades last a long time and are compatible with smartphone technology.


San Antonio patio shades


Why Do You Need a Motorized Patio Shade in San Antonio?

Your patio and outdoor living space should be a place for your family to go at the end of the day to enjoy a meal or share each other’s company. Sometimes pesky bugs or heat can keep you from enjoying this outdoor space. The right motorized shade allows you to enjoy the outdoors in a practical way. The Shading Company’s retractable shade system can block out bugs, dust, UV rays, and even curious neighbors.


Your Family Will Love the Benefits

Motorized patio shades and screens can be opened or closed at the touch of a button. They can also be set on a timer to open or close during certain times of day, protecting your patio and furniture from harmful UV rays. You can program your screens to open just as the sun goes down so you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, and then close again when you go in for the night.

Motorized shades and screens also offer weather sensors. These sensors will adjust your screens based on rain, sun, and wind. This technology will help keep your patio and furnishings protected.


Retractable Screens San Antonio

San Antonio Motorized Shade Options

The Shading Company’s motorized shades come in a few different options. Side retention systems are installed to an existing roof or patio structure. These shades cover an extended side or area of your patio. The recessed option installs the motorized shades behind the existing structure, achieving a seamless look from both outside and inside the structure. The cable option lines the outside of your structure, completely covering it when the shades or screens are down.


Your Partners in Motorized Outdoor Shades

The Shading Company in San Antonio offers great solutions for homeowners who are looking to install motorized shades in their outdoor area. Our motorized screens can be completely operated with solar technology making the screen energy efficient. A San Antonio motorized screen room is the perfect place for you to relax while the kids are playing in the yard, or a convenient space for outdoor entertaining.

You can choose to use one or all of your shades, allowing some light and air to come through when you want it. The screens are easy to use and can be adjusted quickly. If rain is coming, the screens can be put down quickly. If the weather cools down, you can open the shades for a breeze. The comfort and convenience of the shades offer an experience unlike any other in your backyard. Contact The Shading Company today to talk with one of our experts about your outdoor patio and motorized patio shade project. We have experience working with different patios and materials and can recommend the best option for your family.

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