Retractable Screens – Enjoy the Outdoors Without the Bugs

bug crawling on San Antonio patio screenLiving in San Antonio, you may not able to imagine a summer without bugs. It’s simply part of being a Texan. Yet there is an easy way to enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces without unwelcome visitors. Outdoor shade products like retractable screens are perfect for protecting your porch, deck, or patio from flying, crawling, and creeping critters. With help from The Shading Company, you can enjoy outdoors space year-round, without swatting away a single bug. Turn your porch into a pest-free paradise with the right screening system.

Block The Bugs With San Antonio Motorized Shades

While the bugs in San Antonio peak during warm, humid months, the weather doesn’t always get cold enough in winter to eradicate pests completely. San Antonio retractable screens can protect your home year-round from bugs. They’ll stay in place when you need them, with the option to retract at the push of a button when you don’t. Most people don’t need reasons to block bugs – they simply jump at the chance to close off their outdoor spaces from uninvited four-, six-, or eight-legged friends. If you need more convincing to install screens, however, here are three great reasons:

  1. Enjoy the outdoors in peace. The most obvious reason to block out bugs is to eliminate the irritating buzzing, chirping, and biting that comes with them. Imagine sitting on your porch with a glass of lemonade and not a single fly coming to disturb your peace. An efficient screening system can give you peace from pests year-round, with tiny holes that stop even the smallest bugs (like no-see-ums) from entry. Don’t be afraid to turn on the lights at night – with the right screens, you won’t attract bugs!
  2. Protect friends and family from bites. Nothing ruins a good time like itchy or painful bug bites – or worse, a severe allergic reaction to a bite. Welcome your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy your outdoor spaces without worry by installing screens to block biting pests. You can protect children and others from itchy welts during cookouts, barbecues, pool parties, and other fun events. No need to break out the bug spray when you have screens that act as barriers.
  3. Prevent disease. Bugs are dirty, unhygienic, and capable of spreading diseases to humans. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease, while mosquitoes may carry West Nile or Yellow Fever viruses. Pets and people can contract these bug-borne diseases with bites from the wrong critters. Bugs landing in food or drinks can contaminate them by leaving skin particles, eggs, or droppings behind. Prevent these disgusting bug-related problems with adequate screens.

Texas pest free patio shades with motorization

Outdoor screens from The Shading Company are ideal for insect protection. Our San Antonio solar screens use special mesh that pulls across windows or doorways to let the breeze in but keep the bugs out. There are a variety of screen types to choose from. Some protect against bugs and ultraviolet rays, while others are ideal for privacy. Our team can help you select the perfect shades for your outdoor area in San Antonio to keep even the smallest insects out for good. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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