Upgrade Your San Antonio Home for Summer with a Motorized Screen

The Texas summer months bring good weather and great times outdoors. How fabulous would it be to have an enclosed, shaded area to sit? Motorized patio screens make this option a possibility. If you’ve ever considered enclosing your porch, consider a motorized screen.

motorized patio shades in San Antonio, TX

What Are Motorized Outdoor Screens?

Motorized screens are retractable shades for San Antonio outdoor spaces. The retractable screens are controlled with a single button, allowing you to have an enclosed area with one simple step. Instead of enclosing an area permanently, these San Antonio Motorized Patio Shades can provide shade only when it’s desired. Many homeowners install the outdoor shades on backyard patios, where the sun is constantly beating down. The screen shades the area, making it more comfortable for relaxation.

How Do Motorized Retractable Screens Operate?

Motorized screen installation maintains the integrity of your home design. The retractable screen tracks can be hidden from view or mounted on the existing structure. Most retractable screens operate with a zipper-track system. The track system is a sleek design, offering protection from the tiniest insects. For those homes not suitable for the zipper track system, we offer a cable guided system. The look is similar but doesn’t provide protection from insects. For homeowners in areas without many insects, this doesn’t pose a problem.

MotionScreen™ (Motorized Patio Shades) Options:

Our San Antonio motorized patio shades are available in solar screen mesh or vinyl materials, depending on your needs. The patio screens provide shade for an area while remaining see-through. You can enjoy an unobstructed view without overheating. The screen product comes in a variety of colors, including off-white, white, tan, champagne, brown, bronze, and black. Custom colors are also available. Motorized porch shades also come in a variety of fabrics.

The Vinyl MotionScreen provides homeowners with a four-season option. The vinyl retractable shades are clear and solid, providing protection from all elements. Homeowners can then enjoy the outdoors but still have the comforts of heat or air conditioning. The vinyl is clear and provides unobstructed views.

Choosing a San Antonio Motorized Patio Shade

If you enjoy the great Texas outdoors, now is the time to install a motorized porch screen. The easy-to-use systems make your area more livable and comfortable. The annoying aspects of heat and bugs are missing, making your outdoor time more enjoyable. The porch screens also provide privacy from nosy neighbors, which is helpful if your home is in a crowded area.

Motorized retractable screens are available for installation in garages, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens. You can maximize all outdoor spaces by installing screens to block the elements. Additionally, MotionScreen™ can help shade areas of the home to reduce energy costs. If your home has a side consistently hit with sunlight, the installation of a retractable patio screen will keep it cooler. San Antonio solar shades can block up to 90% of solar heat, making your home more energy efficient. When the weather is cooler, simply retract the screen with one button.

Motorized Retractable Screen (MotionScreen™) Availability

MotionScreen installation can occur at any time of year, but many homeowners add the products during spring upgrades, in preparation for summer heat. If you’re considering upgrading to a motorized patio screen, contact The Shading Company to find out what options are available for your home.

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