Blinds, Faux & Wood – San Antonio, TX

2” blinds, have been a popular window treatment in Dallas for over 60 years and the trend does not look to slow. Are all blinds created equal? Absolutely not!


Faux Blinds – San Antonio, TX

The most popular choice is the 2” Faux (pronounced foe, not fox). Also known as the 2” Poli, Imagewood, Everwood, and Forever wood. What is it really? Click the link to learn more about Polypropylene. These benefits allow retailers to provide LIFETIME WARRANTIES against warping, chipping, yellowing and fading.

San Antonio Texas Faux Blinds


The actual UV rating is what is most important in selecting your faux blinds. A 500 hour rating or greater will insure that you will enjoy years of service from your blinds. Under 500 hours you run the risk of a poorly constructed slat material that could deteriorate over a short period of time. How do you know? Well, this is the question to ask your retailer. A large portion of what is now known as “container” blinds are imported from China. Mass produced to common sizes and shipped via container, these are often cheap in quality and in price point.

The Shading Company offers 2” blinds made locally here in the San Antonio region and made from scratch, custom to the exact opening of your windows. We will guide you to pick the best color to match your home’s décor.

Does it look like cheap plastic? Well, beauty if in the eye of the beholder. We personally challenge you to look at a real 2” wood blind next to a 2” faux and notice the difference. Even to the touch it becomes difficult to notice the difference.

Why can’t I just go purchase blinds at Home Depot or Lowes? They offer faux blinds too and they are much cheaper! A partially true statement. While the price is lower, the quality is not the same. Out of the box faux blinds are made from a Styrofoam, liquefied, and then injected with air to “puff” them up. They do not have a custom length, that is something the consumer has to shorten on their own. The mechanisms are of a lower grade, the decorative top piece, the valance, does not carry around the headrail, and most of the “pulls” or knobs look and feel cheap. If you locate this blind in the store, the retail price might be $30.00 per blind. If you walk 10 steps in another direction, they will offer the custom faux blind and the potential price then is $80.00! That demonstration should wake you up that there is a difference in quality. Many windows offered by The Shading Company will retail for $55.00 to $60.00 depending on it’s size as well as the size of the overall project.


Wood Blinds – San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Texas Real Wood BlindsWhat is wrong with choosing a wood blind? Nothing really. Wood still offers the homeowner a nice decorative look for their windows. But, real wood gets real paint. The slats of any 2” blind can only be so thick and it is hard to protect a wood blind from the potential scratching and paint chipping that could result from accidents or everyday use. Cleaning must be done in a more delicate manner, no chemicals or abrasive materials. 2” faux blinds can be cleaned with everyday household chemicals.

It seems clear why the faux blind, both 2” and 2 ½” are the dominating selection in today’s market. When is the right time to purchase a real wood blind? Stain would be the most motivating factor. Stain blinds are available in the faux category but sometime lack that authentic look that only real wood and real stain can provide. In certain environments, wood blinds can be produced in a true grain fashion, showing the actual lines, knot holes and imperfections of the wood that only Mother Nature can produce. These could be ideal for mountain homes, man caves, or any rustic setting in a home or office. Hunter Douglas Parkland blinds and Hunter Douglas Everwood are leading examples of how natural a real wood blind could be.

Are 2” blinds or 2 ½” blinds considered “room darkening”?

No. A routless feature is available which eliminates the route holes where the strings of the blind would travel. The concept is the reduce any light that might penetrate through. Typically, this will not be sufficient to create a room darkening effect. Comfortex manufacturing produces a 2” blind that has slats that actually interlock which create a much tighter close and greatly improves the level of darkness.

The best way to achieve a room darkening effect is to either mount the treatment on the outside of the molding (which does not look as nice) or investigate blackout curtains and drapes.

If I want to order 2” blinds from The Shading Company San Antonio, what can I expect?

The Shading Company will visit with you in your home or business and bring a large selection of blinds to choose from. We will take precise measurements, help choose the correct color and then return in approximately 2 weeks to complete the installation by one of our trained San Antonio blind installation experts. It is just that easy! Schedule your free consultation today by filling out our Web form or by calling (972) 218-0970.